USML Mortgage Loan Originator Job Questions And Answers

  •  Why is US Mortgage Lenders LLC the best option for me? We offer the highest income structure, with the lowest rates along with the best turnkey systems and processes.


  • Can I get support If I have a question? YES, you have access to all the lender’s email and phone numbers. We suggest you email and call the account reps to get your questions answered. Many of our account reps we have long-standing relationships with and welcome our questions.



  • What States Are you licensed in? We are always expanding to new states but we are currently licensed in  Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


  • How Soon can I get paid? For 1099 states you can be paid the day of closing. For states that require a w2 payment is provided as soon as payroll is available on average 24 to 48 hours after all compliance documents are received.


  • How many lenders do I have access to? At this time we have access to about 100+ lenders.


  • Do I have to use your processor? No, you can use your own processor or you can process and submit your own loans.


  • Are the rates padded by US Mortgage Lenders? No, we are not correspondent lenders so the rates cannot be padded. You are getting the best rates from all the best wholesale lenders.



  • How long does the onboarding process take? As soon as you sign the agreement we will request logins for Advantage credit, LOS software, and Lenders list. Your state could take 24-48 hours to approve your license transfer. You may want to contact your state for license transfer turn times. 


  • Where can I see who is working with your company? All US Mortgage lenders LLC loan officers are listed on our loan originator’s contact page.