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Florida Mortgage Loan Officer Jobs – Employment in Florida

Remote – Must be NMLS licensed – Dual Agent Realtors + Lic Florida MLO Welcome

( Job description )

Remote Florida Mortgage loan originators proactively market and promote Mortgage Lenders 100+ lender’s specialty mortgage loan programs to meet established loan quality and production goals. We are a highly established mortgage company hiring self-sufficient mortgage loan originators to market our unique loan programs and specialized services for the highest payout commission splits. We respect our loan originator’s independence and encourage them to work remotely while giving them access to our 100+ lenders, specialty mortgage programs, systems and processes, and daily Zoom meetings. We provide daily new loan officer training while paying the highest commissions in the industry. Dual Agent Realtors + Mortgage Loan Originators Welcome!

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 Job Highlights:

  • Highest Compensation structure in the industry 1099 Paid on Closing Day.
  • Dual agent realtors and mortgage loan originators welcome!
  • 100+ Wholesale Lenders FHA, VA, Conv, NON-QM, Niche Lenders.
  • Daily Zoom Training and Networking calls.
  • LOS – Loan Origination System Provided with no additional fees or choose your own.
  • Complete control of your files, call underwriter account reps directly.
  • Free LOS loan origination software to take mortgage loan applications.
  • Pull Your Owedit Reports.
  • Par Rates from All the Top Wholesale Lenders down to 500 credit scores.
  • Fast 24-48 hour underwriting approvals.
  • Discount Mortgage Insurance Premiums.
  • Healthcare and Lead Program Discounts.
  • Newly Licensed Loan Officer Training.       

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  • Marketing prospect new applicants, and realtors and interact with account reps, AMC, community, and sales agents, maintain relationships and inform clientele.
  • Help clients meet their financial goals and advise them throughout the process.
  • Identify needs, meet loan production goals, and work to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Meet and speak with mortgage loan borrowers on the phone, advise, guide, and update them throughout the mortgage loan process.
  • Review financial information from all relevant parties.
  • Originate and evaluate mortgage loans according to company guidelines and standards.
  • Submit and monitor the status of applications.


  • Borrowers can complete the on a cell phone or computer.
  • Real-time notifications every time a borrower submits an application
  • Integrate + into your website, email signature, and social media pages.
  • Quick-link version to capture leads by collecting just the essential information.


  • Price out loans and generic disclosure packages quickly and easily.
  • Preset your fees to generate fee estimates automatically.
  • Run credit, e-sign documents, verify assets, and download conditions.
  • 3 Options Include UWM BlinkPreapp1003, and Arrive.


  • Sign the agreement, Transfer the license, get logins, and start submitting.
  • Process your loans while you transition.
  • Onboarding includes a description of lender programs and lender recommendations.
  • One on one Account rep support and training to learn new systems.
  • Weekly Company and lender-provided training webinars to learn new systems and processes.


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Florida Remote Mortgage Loan Originator Job Policy 

Working from home is very common today and provides both the employer and the employee with many benefits, we need to make sure security protocols are put in place and followed. Identity theft is the largest financial crime in this country and a Florida mortgage application provides everything an identity thief would need. That said, the following security measures need to be taken in home offices while working remotely.
1.) Physical Locks. The door to the home office needs to have a keyed lock. This door is to be locked during non-working hours (nights, weekends, etc.) No physical documents are allowed to be maintained in a home office. These documents contain sensitive borrower information including SSNs, DOBs, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers, and must be secured in the company office.
2.) Electronic Locks. All computers, desktops, or tablets that access the company network must be locked while not in use and password protected. In addition, any smartphones that access the company network i.e. check email, must also automatically lock when not in use and be password protected.
3.) Security Software. Any electronic devices that connect to the company network must have the most up-to-date Anti-Virus software. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Management reserves the right to come to the home office and check to ensure that these security measures are in place. Any employee found to have not instituted these security measures or found to be not following the security protocols will be terminated.

Internet & Data Security

Employees may have access to confidential information contained in the company’s customer database. This information belongs to US Mortgage Lenders LLC and may not be shared with anyone. We require the consumer to sign a Consumer Privacy Notice, whether or not an application is taken. All loan originators, processors, and other staff members referencing file documents from former customers for evaluation and processing and application shall adhere to the policies set forth regarding the use and re-use of consumer information and information-sharing. For direct marketing to prior customers, the consumer may be unaware of what information, and the extent of information, that has been made available to the company representative, who may be a different loan originator. In these cases, caution must be exercised to assure the borrower that access to their information was duly authorized and in compliance with privacy regulations. Email is a critical mechanism for business communications. Nevertheless, we live in a world that requires security to protect us, both in physical and electronic forms. Thousands of people attempt to obtain your digital footprint, and our client’s digital footprint, every single day. We mustn’t allow this to happen; and by following some simple steps, we can minimize the chances of clients’ data falling into the wrong hands.
Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social websites, auction sites, banks, online payment processors, or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware. Phishing is typically carried out by email or instant messaging, and it often directs users to enter details into a fake website, whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. If you come across an email or instant message that you are unsure of, DO NOT OPEN & DO NOT CLICK ON HYPERLINKS. Do not forward the email either, as it could contain malware; have your manager review the email to decide if it’s legitimate or a phishing attempt. Remember that phishing can extend to social media, so be vigilant on Facebook and LinkedIn as well.
Spyware is software that enables a user to obtain covert information about another’s computer activities by transmitting data covertly from their hard drive. Spyware is mostly classified into four types: system monitors, trojans, adware, and tracking cookies. While the term “spyware” suggests software that monitors a user’s computing, the functions of spyware can extend beyond simple monitoring. Spyware can collect almost any type of data, including personal information like internet surfing habits, user logins, and bank or credit account information. Spyware can also interfere with user control of a computer by installing additional software or redirecting web browsers. Some spyware can change computer settings which can result in slow internet connection speeds, unauthorized changes in browser settings, or changes to software settings. To combat the threat that spyware poses, our network and any connected devices must be protected by anti-virus and anti-spyware software. We’ve chosen Norton Security as our system. A general policy for safeguarding consumer information is to mark all emails and correspondence as “Confidential.” For purposes of this policy, confidential information includes but is not limited to:
• Information regarding personnel who are currently or formerly employed by the company
• Procedures for computer access and passwords of US Mortgage Lenders LLC employees and system users.
• Any information about mortgage borrowers who have closed loans with the

Any information regarding mortgage applicants whose loans were closed for being incomplete, withdrawn, denied or counter-offer not accepted.
• Prospect information concerning potential customers of the company.
• Any other information relating to the company’s research, marketing, operations,
investors, warehouse lenders, and secondary marketing agencies.
Electronic Access
US Mortgage Lenders LLC provides every employee with electronic access to all employees that handle loan origination, closing, and post-closing information. Personnel are assigned an email address, a network connection, and internet access. This policy governs all use of the company’s network, internet access, and email system at all company locations and offices. This policy includes but is not limited to, electronic mail, chat rooms, the internet, news groups, electronic bulletin boards, the company’s VPM/intranet, and all other company electronic messaging systems. This policy governs the information security for all documentation utilized by the company and its affiliates, whether the communication is made by telephone, mail, facsimile, courier, or any electronic system.

Network and Internet Policy
Network configurations enable loan processors, originators, closing coordinators, and administrative staff to access certain files. All rules and policies concerning consumer information apply to files accessed
among network users. Safeguarding confidential information involves local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) configurations. US Mortgage Lenders LLC requires all users having access to networked information to comply with the safeguarding of confidential information. In addition, we reserve the right to suspend access at any time, without notice for technical reasons, suspected policy violations, or other security concerns.
All computers and laptops must have an internet security program installed before connecting to the US
Mortgage Lenders’s network. If employees wish to check their email on handheld devices, they need to show proof to management that Norton Mobile Security or a comparable security program has been
installed, before network access will be permitted. All devices used to check email or utilize company
servers must be password-protected.

Monitoring and Confidentiality
The email systems and services used at US Mortgage Lenders LLC are owned by the company, are its property, and are intended for business purposes only. When using our computers, electronic equipment, and the company’s email system (whether to send, receive, store, or delete e-mails), employees have no right to privacy, and shall not expect privacy. The company reserves the right to review, monitor, and disclose any email traffic passing through its system.

US Mortgage Lenders LLC also specifically reserves the right to monitor electronic messages and emails sent or received with personal, password-protected, web-based email accounts when company
computers and other electronic equipment are used, or when employees send or receive electronic
messages and e-mail accessing the company’s servers remotely using any personal computer, smartphone, or similar electronic device.
This monitoring may include, but is not limited to, review by our attorneys during the e-mail discovery
phase of litigation, observation by management in cases of suspected abuse or monitoring employee
efficiency. US Mortgage Lenders LLC further reserves the right to forensically retrieve such electronic
messages that have been deleted from a company computer or other electronic equipment.
Use extreme caution when communicating confidential or sensitive information via e-mail. Keep in mind that all email messages sent from the company become the property of the receiver. Demonstrate particular care when using the “Reply” or “Reply to all” command during email correspondence, to ensure the resulting message is not delivered to unintended recipients. Federal regulations require that when sending confidential, sensitive, or private information, including but not limited to: D.O.B, SSNs, bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, consumer credit or account numbers, etc., the email must be either (A) encrypted; or (B) password-protected. If using password protection for an email, the password must be sent to the recipient in a separate email; you must not include the password in the original email.

Authorized Use of Software
US Mortgage Lenders LLC purchases, leases, or maintains site licenses for computer software applications from a variety of commercial manufacturers. To ensure compliance with software license agreements, and the company’s security policy, and to prevent identity theft resulting from shared, copied, or unauthorized downloading of software programs, applications, and data, all employees must adhere to the following:

(1) Software must be used by the manufacturer’s license agreements. Employees
acknowledge that they do not own the Loan Origination System (LOS), Desktop Originator,
Loan Prospector, or other mortgage pre-qualification programs used in connection with or as an
adjunct to the firm’s LOS system that is supplied by the company.
(2) Employees may not make additional copies of any software unless expressly authorized by
the company and software publisher.
(3) Any employee who knowingly makes, acquires, or uses unauthorized copies of computer
software licensed to the company, or who places or uses unauthorized software on the
company premises or equipment shall be subject to disciplinary action or termination.
(4) Employees must obtain permission from the Security Officer before installing personal
software onto the company’s computer system. Employees are not permitted to copy
software from the company’s computer system for installation on home or other computers
without prior authorization.
(5) In cases that require an employee to use software at home, the company will purchase an
additional copy or license. Employee acknowledges that any additional copies or licenses
purchased for home use are the property of the company. Employees who are required to use software at home should consult with the Security Officer to determine if appropriate
licenses allow for home use.
(6) Employees who suspect or become aware of software misuse by any employee are
required to notify the Security Officer in confidence.
Administrative Access Control
The Security Officer shall maintain confidential passwords and access codes for technology on a
corporate-wide level. The company president and key personnel shall have copies of access code
information. Changes in personnel, termination, extended leave, etc. shall warrant changes in passwords or other access codes. All changes must be documented by memorandum and placed as an addendum to this policy manual.
Physical Data
It’s important to remember that physical data, i.e. paper, needs protection just as digital data does.
Employees are expected to keep sensitive and private data secure at all times. After the retention periods have been met and physical data needs to be destroyed, it must be done on-site. This means that all shredding either done in-house or by an outside party must be done at our main office, documents may not be sent out or picked up to be destroyed offsite. This includes credit reports, mortgage applications, financial statements, tax returns, pay stubs, W-2’s, and any other income or asset documentation. Any lost or misplaced confidential documents must be reported to management immediately.
General Expectations of End Users
Email users are responsible for mailbox management, including organization and cleaning. If a user
subscribes to a mailing list, he or she must be aware of how to unsubscribe from the list, and be irresponsible for doing so if their current email address changes. US Mortgage Lenders LLC email users
are responsible for honoring any requests for “do-not-send” or “opt-out” from e-mail recipients. Email
users are expected to remember that email sent from the company’s accounts reflects on the company. Please comply with normal standards of professional and personal courtesy and conduct.

Inappropriate Use
Email us at US Mortgage Lenders LLC must comply with all applicable laws, all company policies, and all company contracts. Email users should have no expectation of privacy in any emails sent or received, saved or deleted, regarding any matter over the company email system or while using company computers.
The following activities are deemed inappropriate uses of the company’s email systems and services and are strictly prohibited:
• Use of the email for illegal or unlawful purposes, including copyright infringement, obscenity, libel,
slander, fraud, defamation, plagiarism, harassment, intimidation, threats, forgery, impersonation,
soliciting for illegal pyramid schemes or computer tampering (e.g. spreading of computer viruses).
• Use of the email for inappropriate content, either embedded within a message or within a link,
including but not limited to sexual, pornographic, racist, or other offensive materials.
• Forwarding any business-related email to an external, personal, or other email account. This

includes misappropriation of confidential and proprietary company information, and/or trade
• Sending or forwarding messages containing borrower consumer credit, confidential information, or account numbers without using proper encryption.
• Sending or forwarding messages that disclose information without company authorization. This
shall include accessing, transmitting, receiving, or seeking confidential information about
borrowers or mortgage transactions without authorization.
• Use of email in any way that violates US Mortgage Lenders LLC policies, rules, or federal
• Use of company email systems and services for mass mailings, distribution, or marketing of any
type without prior management approval.
• Viewing, copying, altering, or deleting email accounts or files belonging to US Mortgage Lenders,
or another individual, without authorized permission.
• Opening email attachments from unknown or unsigned sources. Attachments are the primary
source of computer viruses and should be treated with extreme caution.
• Sharing email account passwords with another person, or attempting to obtain another person’s
email account password. Email accounts are only to be used by the registered user.
• US Mortgage Lenders LLC prohibits personal use of its e-mail systems and services for unsolicited
mass mailings, non-company commercial activity, political campaigning, dissemination of chain
letters, and use by non-employees, and for any use prohibited in this policy. Please note that
personal emails will be considered the same as personal messages. Users should not use company
email to send messages that the user wishes to remain private.
Users are responsible for saving all email communications in conjunction with loan production, applicant, client, customer, and borrower communications. All aforementioned communications shall be kept for twenty-four months.
Failure to Comply
US Mortgage Lenders LLC assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages arising from the use of the company’s email system and services. Users are solely responsible for the content they disseminate. Violations of this policy will be treated like other allegations of wrongdoing at US Mortgage Lenders. Allegations of misconduct will be investigated according to established procedures. Consequences for inappropriate use of the company’s email systems and services may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:
– Temporary or permanent revocation of e-mail access;
– Probationary action according to applicable policies;
– Termination of employment; and/or
– Legal action according to applicable laws and contractual agreements.

Incident Response and Preparedness
US Mortgage Lenders LLC must respond to information security incidents to ensure the protection of
confidential consumer information. The federal Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACCPA) allows the company to initiate immediate action in federal district court under section 43(d) of the Lanham Act, 15 USC 1125(d). The following resources can be used to disable a spoofed website, recover customer information, and mitigate other types of security threats:
– A complaint can be filed with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, a partnership of the FBI and
the National White Collar Crime Center at: http://www.ifccfbi.gov/
– The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process (UDRP) resolves disputes for names or
trademarks that have been illegally infringed upon. The company is to take action against domain
name registrars to stop a spoofing incident. Information is explained at:
– Digital Phishnet is a joint initiative of industry and law enforcement designed to support
the apprehension of perpetrators of phishing-related crimes, including spoofing. The FTC, FBI, Secret
Service and other electronic crime task forces assist financial institutions in identifying persons
involved in phishing-type crimes. http://www.digitalphishnet.com/ .

Florida Mortgage Loan Originator License Info

Florida Mortgage Loan Originator Broker and Branches – Chapter 494, Florida Statutes: The Florida MLO license is required for an entity conducting Florida Mortgage loan originator activities through one or more licensed loan originators employed by a Florida mortgage broker or as independent contractors to the mortgage broker.

Florida Mortgage Broker Branch: This license is required for mortgage broker licensees who conduct business at locations other than their principal place of business:

  1. The address of which appears on business cards, stationery, or advertising used by the licensee in connection with business conducted under this chapter;
  2. At which the licensee’s name, advertising or promotional materials, or signage suggests that mortgage loans are originated or negotiated;
  3. At which mortgage loans are originated or negotiated by a licensee.


Cities in Florida Alachua County, FL Florida County Name Florida City Name
Alachua, FL Baker County, FL Florida Palm Beach Alachua, FL Acacia Villas
Alford, FL Bay County, FL Florida Alachua Alford, FL Alachua
Altamonte Springs, FL Bradford County, FL Florida Orange Altamonte Springs, FL Alafaya
Altha, FL Brevard County, FL Florida Jackson Altha, FL Alford
Alva, FL Broward County, FL Florida Santa Rosa Alva, FL Allentown
Anna Maria, FL Calhoun County, FL Florida Seminole Anna Maria, FL Altamonte Springs
Apalachicola, FL Charlotte County, FL Florida Calhoun Apalachicola, FL Altha
Apollo Beach, FL Citrus County, FL Florida Lake Apollo Beach, FL Altoona
Apopka, FL Clay County, FL Florida Polk Apopka, FL Alturas
Arcadia, FL Collier County, FL Florida Lee Arcadia, FL Alva
Archer, FL Columbia County, FL Florida Levy Archer, FL Andrews
Astatula, FL DeSoto County, FL Florida Manatee Astatula, FL Anna Maria
Astor, FL Dixie County, FL Florida Franklin Astor, FL Apalachicola
Atlantic Beach, FL Duval County, FL Florida Hillsborough Atlantic Beach, FL Apollo Beach
Auburndale, FL Escambia County, FL Florida Orange Auburndale, FL Apopka
Avon Park, FL Flagler County, FL Florida Desoto Avon Park, FL Arcadia
Babson Park, FL Franklin County, FL Florida Alachua Babson Park, FL Archer
Bagdad, FL Gadsden County, FL Florida Hernando Bagdad, FL Aripeka
Bartow, FL Gilchrist County, FL Florida Pasco Bartow, FL Aripeka
Bay Pines, FL Glades County, FL Florida Clay Bay Pines, FL Asbury Lake
Bell, FL Gulf County, FL Florida Lake Bell, FL Astatula
Belle Glade, FL Hamilton County, FL Florida Lake Belle Glade, FL Astor
Belleair Beach, FL Hardee County, FL Florida Duval Belleair Beach, FL Atlantic Beach
Belleview, FL Hendry County, FL Florida Palm Beach Belleview, FL Atlantis
Beverly Hills, FL Hernando County, FL Florida Polk Beverly Hills, FL Auburndale
Big Pine Key, FL Highlands County, FL Florida Jefferson Big Pine Key, FL Aucilla
Blountstown, FL Hillsborough County, FL Florida Santa Rosa Blountstown, FL Avalon
Boca Raton, FL Holmes County, FL Florida Miami-Dade Boca Raton, FL Aventura
Bokeelia, FL Indian River County, FL Florida Highlands Bokeelia, FL Avon Park
Bonifay, FL Jackson County, FL Florida Orange Bonifay, FL Azalea Park
Bonita Springs, FL Jefferson County, FL Florida Polk Bonita Springs, FL Babson Park
Bowling Green, FL Lafayette County, FL Florida Santa Rosa Bowling Green, FL Bagdad
Boynton Beach, FL Lake County, FL Florida Miami-Dade Boynton Beach, FL Bal Harbour
Bradenton Beach, FL Lee County, FL Florida Duval Bradenton Beach, FL Baldwin
Bradenton, FL Leon County, FL Florida Hillsborough Bradenton, FL Balm
Brandon, FL Levy County, FL Florida Pinellas Brandon, FL Bardmoor
Branford, FL Liberty County, FL Florida Polk Branford, FL Bartow
Bristol, FL Madison County, FL Florida Jackson Bristol, FL Bascom
Bronson, FL Manatee County, FL Florida Miami-Dade Bronson, FL Bay Harbor Islands
Brooker, FL Marion County, FL Florida Orange Brooker, FL Bay Hill
Brooksville, FL Martin County, FL Florida Orange Brooksville, FL Bay Lake
Bunnell, FL Miami-Dade County, FL Florida Pinellas Bunnell, FL Bay Pines
Bushnell, FL Monroe County, FL Florida Pasco Bushnell, FL Bayonet Point
Callahan, FL Nassau County, FL Florida Hernando Callahan, FL Bayport
Campbellton, FL Okaloosa County, FL Florida Manatee Campbellton, FL Bayshore Gardens
Canal Point, FL Okeechobee County, FL Florida Pasco Canal Point, FL Beacon Square
Cape Canaveral, FL Orange County, FL Florida Pinellas Cape Canaveral, FL Bear Creek
Cape Coral, FL Osceola County, FL Florida Sarasota Cape Coral, FL Bee Ridge
Captiva, FL Palm Beach County, FL Florida Gilchrist Captiva, FL Bell
Carrabelle, FL Pasco County, FL Florida Clay Carrabelle, FL Bellair-Meadowbrook
Caryville, FL Pinellas County, FL Florida Palm Beach Caryville, FL Belle Glade
Casselberry, FL Polk County, FL Florida Orange Casselberry, FL Belle Isle
Cedar Key, FL Putnam County, FL Florida Pinellas Cedar Key, FL Belleair
Center Hill, FL Saint Johns County, FL Florida Pinellas Center Hill, FL Belleair Beach
Century, FL Saint Lucie County, FL Florida Pinellas Century, FL Belleair Bluffs
Chattahoochee, FL Santa Rosa County, FL Florida Pinellas Chattahoochee, FL Belleair Shore
Chiefland, FL Sarasota County, FL Florida Marion Chiefland, FL Belleview
Chipley, FL Seminole County, FL Florida Escambia Chipley, FL Bellview
Chokoloskee, FL Sumter County, FL Florida Santa Rosa Chokoloskee, FL Berrydale
Christmas, FL Suwannee County, FL Florida Flagler Christmas, FL Beverly Beach
Clearwater, FL Taylor County, FL Florida Citrus Clearwater, FL Beverly Hills
Clermont, FL Union County, FL Florida Monroe Clermont, FL Big Coppitt Key
Clewiston, FL Volusia County, FL Florida Monroe Clewiston, FL Big Pine Key
Cocoa Beach, FL Wakulla County, FL Florida Miami-Dade Cocoa Beach, FL Biscayne Park
Cocoa, FL Walton County, FL Florida Orange Cocoa, FL Bithlo
Coleman, FL Washington County, FL Florida Citrus Coleman, FL Black Diamond
Cortez, FL County Name Florida Seminole Cortez, FL Black Hammock
Cottondale, FL Palm Beach Florida Hillsborough Cottondale, FL Bloomingdale
Crescent City, FL Alachua Florida Calhoun Crescent City, FL Blountstown
Crestview, FL Orange Florida Palm Beach Crestview, FL Boca Raton
Cross City, FL Jackson Florida Lee Cross City, FL Bokeelia
Crystal River, FL Santa Rosa Florida Holmes Crystal River, FL Bonifay
Crystal Springs, FL Seminole Florida Lee Crystal Springs, FL Bonita Springs
Cypress, FL Calhoun Florida Broward Cypress, FL Boulevard Gardens
Dade City, FL Lake Florida Hardee Dade City, FL Bowling Green
Dania, FL Polk Florida Palm Beach Dania, FL Boynton Beach
Davenport, FL Lee Florida Manatee Davenport, FL Bradenton
Daytona Beach, FL Levy Florida Manatee Daytona Beach, FL Bradenton Beach
De Leon Springs, FL Manatee Florida Polk De Leon Springs, FL Bradley Junction
Debary, FL Franklin Florida Hillsborough Debary, FL Brandon
Deerfield Beach, FL Hillsborough Florida Suwannee Deerfield Beach, FL Branford
Deland, FL Orange Florida Escambia Deland, FL Brent
Delray Beach, FL Desoto Florida Palm Beach Delray Beach, FL Briny Breezes
Deltona, FL Alachua Florida Liberty Deltona, FL Bristol
Destin, FL Hernando Florida Broward Destin, FL Broadview Park
Dover, FL Pasco Florida Levy Dover, FL Bronson
Dundee, FL Clay Florida Bradford Dundee, FL Brooker
Dunedin, FL Lake Florida Hernando Dunedin, FL Brookridge
Dunnellon, FL Lake Florida Hernando Dunnellon, FL Brooksville
Eagle Lake, FL Duval Florida Santa Rosa Eagle Lake, FL Brownsdale
East Palatka, FL Palm Beach Florida Miami-Dade East Palatka, FL Brownsville
Eastpoint, FL Polk Florida Glades Eastpoint, FL Buckhead Ridge
Ebro, FL Jefferson Florida Lee Ebro, FL Buckingham
Edgewater, FL Santa Rosa Florida Osceola Edgewater, FL Buenaventura Lakes
Eglin Afb, FL Miami-Dade Florida Flagler Eglin Afb, FL Bunnell
Elfers, FL Highlands Florida Lee Elfers, FL Burnt Store Marina
Ellenton, FL Orange Florida Sumter Ellenton, FL Bushnell
Englewood, FL Polk Florida Saint Johns Englewood, FL Butler Beach
Estero, FL Santa Rosa Florida Palm Beach Estero, FL Cabana Colony
Eustis, FL Miami-Dade Florida Nassau Eustis, FL Callahan
Fellsmere, FL Duval Florida Bay Fellsmere, FL Callaway
Fernandina Beach, FL Hillsborough Florida Osceola Fernandina Beach, FL Campbell
Ferndale, FL Pinellas Florida Jackson Ferndale, FL Campbellton
Flagler Beach, FL Polk Florida Palm Beach Flagler Beach, FL Canal Point
Floral City, FL Jackson Florida Brevard Floral City, FL Cape Canaveral
Fort Lauderdale, FL Miami-Dade Florida Lee Fort Lauderdale, FL Cape Coral
Fort Meade, FL Orange Florida Lee Fort Meade, FL Captiva
Fort Myers Beach, FL Orange Florida Franklin Fort Myers Beach, FL Carrabelle
Fort Myers, FL Pinellas Florida Hillsborough Fort Myers, FL Carrollwood
Fort Pierce, FL Pasco Florida Holmes Fort Pierce, FL Caryville
Fort Walton Beach, FL Hernando Florida Seminole Fort Walton Beach, FL Casselberry
Fort White, FL Manatee Florida Bay Fort White, FL Cedar Grove
Freeport, FL Pasco Florida Levy Freeport, FL Cedar Key
Frostproof, FL Pinellas Florida Osceola Frostproof, FL Celebration
Fruitland Park, FL Sarasota Florida Sumter Fruitland Park, FL Center Hill
Gainesville, FL Gilchrist Florida Escambia Gainesville, FL Century
Geneva, FL Clay Florida Lee Geneva, FL Charleston Park
Gibsonton, FL Palm Beach Florida Charlotte Gibsonton, FL Charlotte Harbor
Glen Saint Mary, FL Orange Florida Charlotte Glen Saint Mary, FL Charlotte Park
Goldenrod, FL Pinellas Florida Gadsden Goldenrod, FL Chattahoochee
Gonzalez, FL Pinellas Florida Hillsborough Gonzalez, FL Cheval
Goodland, FL Pinellas Florida Levy Goodland, FL Chiefland
Gotha, FL Pinellas Florida Washington Gotha, FL Chipley
Graceville, FL Marion Florida Collier Graceville, FL Chokoloskee
Grand Ridge, FL Escambia Florida Orange Grand Ridge, FL Christmas
Green Cove Springs, FL Santa Rosa Florida Seminole Green Cove Springs, FL Chuluota
Greensboro, FL Flagler Florida Santa Rosa Greensboro, FL Chumuckla
Greenville, FL Citrus Florida Okaloosa Greenville, FL Cinco Bayou
Greenwood, FL Monroe Florida Citrus Greenwood, FL Citrus Hills
Gretna, FL Monroe Florida Hillsborough Gretna, FL Citrus Park
Groveland, FL Miami-Dade Florida Citrus Groveland, FL Citrus Springs
Gulf Breeze, FL Orange Florida Orange Gulf Breeze, FL Clarcona
Haines City, FL Citrus Florida Pinellas Haines City, FL Clearwater
Hallandale, FL Seminole Florida Lake Hallandale, FL Clermont
Hampton, FL Hillsborough Florida Charlotte Hampton, FL Cleveland
Hastings, FL Calhoun Florida Glades Hastings, FL Clewiston
Havana, FL Palm Beach Florida Hendry Havana, FL Clewiston
Hawthorne, FL Lee Florida Palm Beach Hawthorne, FL Cloud Lake
Hernando, FL Holmes Florida Santa Rosa Hernando, FL Cobbtown
Hialeah, FL Lee Florida Brevard Hialeah, FL Cocoa
High Springs, FL Broward Florida Brevard High Springs, FL Cocoa Beach
Highland City, FL Hardee Florida Brevard Highland City, FL Cocoa West
Hilliard, FL Palm Beach Florida Broward Hilliard, FL Coconut Creek
Hobe Sound, FL Manatee Florida Sumter Hobe Sound, FL Coleman
Holiday, FL Manatee Florida Polk Holiday, FL Combee Settlement
Hollywood, FL Polk Florida Pasco Hollywood, FL Connerton
Holmes Beach, FL Hillsborough Florida Orange Holmes Beach, FL Conway
Homestead, FL Suwannee Florida Broward Homestead, FL Cooper City
Homosassa Springs, FL Escambia Florida Miami-Dade Homosassa Springs, FL Coral Gables
Homosassa, FL Palm Beach Florida Broward Homosassa, FL Coral Springs
Horseshoe Beach, FL Liberty Florida Miami-Dade Horseshoe Beach, FL Coral Terrace
Howey In The Hills, FL Broward Florida Manatee Howey In The Hills, FL Cortez
Hudson, FL Levy Florida Jackson Hudson, FL Cottondale
Immokalee, FL Bradford Florida Miami-Dade Immokalee, FL Country Club
Indialantic, FL Hernando Florida Miami-Dade Indialantic, FL Country Walk
Indian Rocks Beach, FL Hernando Florida Wakulla Indian Rocks Beach, FL Crawfordville
Indiantown, FL Santa Rosa Florida Saint Johns Indiantown, FL Crescent Beach
Inglis, FL Miami-Dade Florida Putnam Inglis, FL Crescent City
Interlachen, FL Glades Florida Okaloosa Interlachen, FL Crestview
Inverness, FL Lee Florida Polk Inverness, FL Crooked Lake Park
Islamorada, FL Osceola Florida Dixie Islamorada, FL Cross City
Jacksonville Beach, FL Flagler Florida Polk Jacksonville Beach, FL Crystal Lake
Jacksonville, FL Lee Florida Citrus Jacksonville, FL Crystal River
Jasper, FL Sumter Florida Pasco Jasper, FL Crystal Springs
Jay, FL Saint Johns Florida Monroe Jay, FL Cudjoe Key
Jennings, FL Palm Beach Florida Miami-Dade Jennings, FL Cutler Bay
Jensen Beach, FL Nassau Florida Polk Jensen Beach, FL Cypress Gardens
Jupiter, FL Bay Florida Lee Jupiter, FL Cypress Lake
Kathleen, FL Osceola Florida Okeechobee Kathleen, FL Cypress Quarters
Key Biscayne, FL Jackson Florida Pasco Key Biscayne, FL Dade City
Key Colony Beach, FL Palm Beach Florida Pasco Key Colony Beach, FL Dade City North
Key Largo, FL Brevard Florida Broward Key Largo, FL Dania Beach
Key West, FL Lee Florida Polk Key West, FL Davenport
Keystone Heights, FL Lee Florida Broward Keystone Heights, FL Davie
Kissimmee, FL Franklin Florida Lafayette Kissimmee, FL Day
Labelle, FL Hillsborough Florida Volusia Labelle, FL Daytona Beach
Lacoochee, FL Holmes Florida Volusia Lacoochee, FL Daytona Beach Shores
Lady Lake, FL Seminole Florida Walton Lady Lake, FL De Funiak Springs
Lake Alfred, FL Bay Florida Volusia Lake Alfred, FL De Leon Springs
Lake Butler, FL Levy Florida Volusia Lake Butler, FL DeBary
Lake City, FL Osceola Florida Broward Lake City, FL Deerfield Beach
Lake Hamilton, FL Sumter Florida Volusia Lake Hamilton, FL DeLand
Lake Helen, FL Escambia Florida Volusia Lake Helen, FL DeLand Southwest
Lake Mary, FL Lee Florida Palm Beach Lake Mary, FL Delray Beach
Lake Panasoffkee, FL Charlotte Florida Volusia Lake Panasoffkee, FL Deltona
Lake Placid, FL Charlotte Florida Sarasota Lake Placid, FL Desoto Lakes
Lake Wales, FL Gadsden Florida Okaloosa Lake Wales, FL Destin
Lake Worth, FL Hillsborough Florida Santa Rosa Lake Worth, FL Dickerson City
Lakeland, FL Levy Florida Santa Rosa Lakeland, FL Dixonville
Land O Lakes, FL Washington Florida Orange Land O Lakes, FL Doctor Phillips
Largo, FL Collier Florida Miami-Dade Largo, FL Doral
Laurel Hill, FL Orange Florida Hillsborough Laurel Hill, FL Dover
Laurel, FL Seminole Florida Monroe Laurel, FL Duck Key
Lawtey, FL Santa Rosa Florida Polk Lawtey, FL Dundee
Lecanto, FL Okaloosa Florida Pinellas Lecanto, FL Dunedin
Lee, FL Citrus Florida Marion Lee, FL Dunnellon
Leesburg, FL Hillsborough Florida Polk Leesburg, FL Eagle Lake
Lehigh Acres, FL Citrus Florida Levy Lehigh Acres, FL East Bronson
Live Oak, FL Orange Florida Hillsborough Live Oak, FL East Lake-Orient Park
Longboat Key, FL Pinellas Florida Pinellas Longboat Key, FL East Lake
Longwood, FL Lake Florida Santa Rosa Longwood, FL East Milton
Loughman, FL Charlotte Florida Putnam Loughman, FL East Palatka
Lutz, FL Glades Florida Levy Lutz, FL East Williston
Lynn Haven, FL Hendry Florida Franklin Lynn Haven, FL Eastpoint
Macclenny, FL Palm Beach Florida Orange Macclenny, FL Eatonville
Madison, FL Santa Rosa Florida Washington Madison, FL Ebro
Maitland, FL Brevard Florida Volusia Maitland, FL Edgewater
Malabar, FL Brevard Florida Orange Malabar, FL Edgewood
Malone, FL Brevard Florida Okaloosa Malone, FL Eglin Air Force Base
Mango, FL Broward Florida Hillsborough Mango, FL Egypt Lake-Leto
Marathon, FL Sumter Florida Miami-Dade Marathon, FL El Portal
Marco Island, FL Polk Florida Pasco Marco Island, FL Elfers
Marianna, FL Pasco Florida Manatee Marianna, FL Ellenton
Mary Esther, FL Orange Florida Charlotte Mary Esther, FL Englewood
Mascotte, FL Broward Florida Sarasota Mascotte, FL Englewood
Mayo, FL Miami-Dade Florida Escambia Mayo, FL Ensley
McIntosh, FL Broward Florida Lee McIntosh, FL Estero
Melbourne Beach, FL Miami-Dade Florida Holmes Melbourne Beach, FL Esto
Melbourne, FL Manatee Florida Lake Melbourne, FL Eustis
Merritt Island, FL Jackson Florida Collier Merritt Island, FL Everglades
Mexico Beach, FL Miami-Dade Florida Marion Mexico Beach, FL Fairfield
Miami Beach, FL Miami-Dade Florida Orange Miami Beach, FL Fairview Shores
Miami, FL Wakulla Florida Gilchrist Miami, FL Fanning Springs
Micanopy, FL Saint Johns Florida Levy Micanopy, FL Fanning Springs
Middleburg, FL Putnam Florida Pinellas Middleburg, FL Feather Sound
Midway, FL Okaloosa Florida Indian River Midway, FL Fellsmere
Milton, FL Polk Florida Seminole Milton, FL Fern Park
Mims, FL Dixie Florida Nassau Mims, FL Fernandina Beach
Minneola, FL Polk Florida Lake Minneola, FL Ferndale
Miramar Beach, FL Citrus Florida Escambia Miramar Beach, FL Ferry Pass
Molino, FL Pasco Florida Santa Rosa Molino, FL Fidelis
Monticello, FL Monroe Florida Hillsborough Monticello, FL Fish Hawk
Montverde, FL Miami-Dade Florida Miami-Dade Montverde, FL Fisher Island
Moore Haven, FL Polk Florida Columbia Moore Haven, FL Five Points
Mount Dora, FL Lee Florida Flagler Mount Dora, FL Flagler Beach
Mulberry, FL Okeechobee Florida Volusia Mulberry, FL Flagler Beach
Naples, FL Pasco Florida St. Johns Naples, FL Flagler Estates
Neptune Beach, FL Pasco Florida Clay Neptune Beach, FL Fleming Island
New Port Richey, FL Broward Florida Citrus New Port Richey, FL Floral City
New Smyrna Beach, FL Polk Florida Miami-Dade New Smyrna Beach, FL Florida City
Newberry, FL Broward Florida Indian River Newberry, FL Florida Ridge
Niceville, FL Lafayette Florida St. Lucie Niceville, FL Florida Ridge
Nokomis, FL Volusia Florida Santa Rosa Nokomis, FL Florida town
Noma, FL Volusia Florida Seminole Noma, FL Forest City
North Fort Myers, FL Walton Florida Hendry North Fort Myers, FL Fort Denaud
North Miami Beach, FL Volusia Florida Hardee North Miami Beach, FL Fort Green
North Palm Beach, FL Volusia Florida Hardee North Palm Beach, FL Fort Green Springs
North Port, FL Broward Florida Broward North Port, FL Fort Lauderdale
Oak Hill, FL Volusia Florida Polk Oak Hill, FL Fort Meade
Oakland, FL Volusia Florida Lee Oakland, FL Fort Myers
Ocala, FL Palm Beach Florida Lee Ocala, FL Fort Myers Beach
Ocoee, FL Volusia Florida Lee Ocoee, FL Fort Myers Shores
Odessa, FL Sarasota Florida Saint Lucie Odessa, FL Fort Pierce
Okahumpka, FL Okaloosa Florida Saint Lucie Okahumpka, FL Fort Pierce North
Okeechobee, FL Santa Rosa Florida Saint Lucie Okeechobee, FL Fort Pierce South
Oldsmar, FL Santa Rosa Florida Okaloosa Oldsmar, FL Fort Walton Beach
Opa Locka, FL Orange Florida Columbia Opa Locka, FL Fort White
Orange City, FL Miami-Dade Florida Miami-Dade Orange City, FL Fountainbleau
Orange Park, FL Hillsborough Florida Lake Orange Park, FL Four Corners
Orlando, FL Monroe Florida Polk Orlando, FL Four Corners
Ormond Beach, FL Polk Florida Orange Ormond Beach, FL Four Corners
Osprey, FL Pinellas Florida Osceola Osprey, FL Four Corners
Oviedo, FL Marion Florida Broward Oviedo, FL Franklin Park
Pahokee, FL Polk Florida Walton Pahokee, FL Freeport
Paisley, FL Levy Florida Polk Paisley, FL Frostproof
Palatka, FL Hillsborough Florida Saint Johns Palatka, FL Fruit Cove
Palm Bay, FL Pinellas Florida Lake Palm Bay, FL Fruitland Park
Palm Beach Gardens, FL Santa Rosa Florida Sarasota Palm Beach Gardens, FL Fruitville
Palm Beach, FL Putnam Florida Polk Palm Beach, FL Fuller Heights
Palm City, FL Levy Florida Polk Palm City, FL Fussels Corner
Palm Coast, FL Franklin Florida Alachua Palm Coast, FL Gainesville
Palm Harbor, FL Orange Florida Santa Rosa Palm Harbor, FL Garcon Point
Palmetto, FL Washington Florida Hernando Palmetto, FL Garden Grove
Panama City Beach, FL Volusia Florida Hardee Panama City Beach, FL Gardner
Panama City, FL Orange Florida Lee Panama City, FL Gateway
Paxton, FL Okaloosa Florida Seminole Paxton, FL Geneva
Pembroke Pines, FL Hillsborough Florida Hillsborough Pembroke Pines, FL Gibsonton
Penney Farms, FL Miami-Dade Florida Indian River Penney Farms, FL Gifford
Pensacola, FL Pasco Florida Miami-Dade Pensacola, FL Gladeview
Perry, FL Manatee Florida Palm Beach Perry, FL Glen Ridge
Pierson, FL Charlotte Florida Baker Pierson, FL Glen Saint Mary
Pineland, FL Sarasota Florida Miami-Dade Pineland, FL Glencoe
Pinellas Park, FL Escambia Florida Miami-Dade Pinellas Park, FL Glenvar Heights
Placida, FL Lee Florida Miami-Dade Placida, FL Golden Beach
Plant City, FL Holmes Florida Collier Plant City, FL Golden Gate
Polk City, FL Lake Florida Miami-Dade Polk City, FL Golden Glades
Pomona Park, FL Collier Florida Orange Pomona Park, FL Goldenrod
Pompano Beach, FL Marion Florida Seminole Pompano Beach, FL Goldenrod
Ponce De Leon, FL Orange Florida Palm Beach Ponce De Leon, FL Golf
Port Charlotte, FL Gilchrist Florida Escambia Port Charlotte, FL Gonzalez
Port Orange, FL Levy Florida Collier Port Orange, FL Goodland
Port Richey, FL Pinellas Florida Orange Port Richey, FL Gotha
Port Saint Joe, FL Indian River Florida Escambia Port Saint Joe, FL Goulding
Port Saint Lucie, FL Seminole Florida Miami-Dade Port Saint Lucie, FL Goulds
Port Salerno, FL Nassau Florida Jackson Port Salerno, FL Graceville
Punta Gorda, FL Lake Florida Jackson Punta Gorda, FL Grand Ridge
Quincy, FL Escambia Florida Brevard Quincy, FL Grant-Valkaria
Reddick, FL Santa Rosa Florida Clay Reddick, FL Green Cove Springs
Riverview, FL Hillsborough Florida Palm Beach Riverview, FL Greenacres
Rockledge, FL Miami-Dade Florida Pinellas Rockledge, FL Greenbriar
Roseland, FL Columbia Florida Gadsden Roseland, FL Greensboro
Rotonda West, FL Flagler Florida Madison Rotonda West, FL Greenville
Ruskin, FL Volusia Florida Jackson Ruskin, FL Greenwood
Safety Harbor, FL St. Johns Florida Polk Safety Harbor, FL Grenelefe
San Antonio, FL Clay Florida Gadsden San Antonio, FL Gretna
Sanford, FL Citrus Florida Charlotte Sanford, FL Grove City
Sanibel, FL Miami-Dade Florida Lake Sanibel, FL Groveland
Sarasota, FL Indian River Florida Santa Rosa Sarasota, FL Gulf Breeze
Satellite Beach, FL St. Lucie Florida Sarasota Satellite Beach, FL Gulf Gate Estates
Sebastian, FL Santa Rosa Florida Palm Beach Sebastian, FL Gulf Stream
Sebring, FL Seminole Florida Pinellas Sebring, FL Gulfport
Seffner, FL Hendry Florida Hillsborough Seffner, FL Gun Club Estates
Seminole, FL Hardee Florida Polk Seminole, FL Haines City
Shalimar, FL Hardee Florida Broward Shalimar, FL Hallandale Beach
Sharpes, FL Broward Florida Bradford Sharpes, FL Hampton
Silver Springs, FL Polk Florida Pinellas Silver Springs, FL Harbor Bluffs
Sneads, FL Lee Florida Charlotte Sneads, FL Harbour Heights
Sopchoppy, FL Lee Florida Hendry Sopchoppy, FL Harlem
Sorrento, FL Lee Florida Lee Sorrento, FL Harlem Heights
South Bay, FL Saint Lucie Florida Santa Rosa South Bay, FL Harold
Spring Hill, FL Saint Lucie Florida Saint Johns Spring Hill, FL Hastings
Starke, FL Saint Lucie Florida Gadsden Starke, FL Havana
Stuart, FL Okaloosa Florida Palm Beach Stuart, FL Haverhill
Tallahassee, FL Columbia Florida Alachua Tallahassee, FL Hawthorne
Tampa, FL Miami-Dade Florida Seminole Tampa, FL Heathrow
Tangerine, FL Lake Florida Pasco Tangerine, FL Heritage Pines
Tarpon Springs, FL Polk Florida Citrus Tarpon Springs, FL Hernando
Tavares, FL Orange Florida Hernando Tavares, FL Hernando Beach
Tavernier, FL Osceola Florida Miami-Dade Tavernier, FL Hialeah
Thonotosassa, FL Broward Florida Miami-Dade Thonotosassa, FL Hialeah Gardens
Titusville, FL Walton Florida Hernando Titusville, FL High Point
Trenton, FL Polk Florida Alachua Trenton, FL High Springs
Umatilla, FL Saint Johns Florida Palm Beach Umatilla, FL Highland Beach
Valparaiso, FL Lake Florida Polk Valparaiso, FL Highland City
Valrico, FL Sarasota Florida Polk Valrico, FL Highland Park
Venice, FL Polk Florida Hernando Venice, FL Hill ‘n Dale
Vernon, FL Polk Florida Polk Vernon, FL Hillcrest Heights
Vero Beach, FL Alachua Florida Nassau Vero Beach, FL Hilliard
Wabasso, FL Santa Rosa Florida Broward Wabasso, FL Hillsboro Beach
Waldo, FL Hernando Florida Broward Waldo, FL Hillsboro Pines
Wauchula, FL Hardee Florida Martin Wauchula, FL Hobe Sound
Wausau, FL Lee Florida Orange Wausau, FL Holden Heights
Waverly, FL Seminole Florida Pasco Waverly, FL Holiday
Webster, FL Hillsborough Florida Santa Rosa Webster, FL Holley
Welaka, FL Indian River Florida Volusia Welaka, FL Holly Hill
West Palm Beach, FL Miami-Dade Florida Broward West Palm Beach, FL Hollywood
Westville, FL Palm Beach Florida Manatee Westville, FL Holmes Beach
Wewahitchka, FL Baker Florida Polk Wewahitchka, FL Homeland
White Springs, FL Miami-Dade Florida Miami-Dade White Springs, FL Homestead
Wildwood, FL Miami-Dade Florida Miami-Dade Wildwood, FL Homestead Base
Williston, FL Miami-Dade Florida Citrus Williston, FL Homosassa
Wimauma, FL Collier Florida Citrus Wimauma, FL Homosassa Springs
Windermere, FL Miami-Dade Florida Orange Windermere, FL Horizon West
Winter Beach, FL Orange Florida Dixie Winter Beach, FL Horseshoe Beach
Winter Garden, FL Seminole Florida Liberty Winter Garden, FL Hosford
Winter Haven, FL Palm Beach Florida Lake Winter Haven, FL Howey-in-the-Hills
Winter Park, FL Escambia Florida Pasco Winter Park, FL Hudson
Winter Springs, FL Collier Florida Orange Winter Springs, FL Hunters Creek
Woodville, FL Orange Florida St. Lucie Woodville, FL Hutchinson Island South
Yalaha, FL Escambia Florida Palm Beach Yalaha, FL Hypoluxo
Yankeetown, FL Miami-Dade Florida Collier Yankeetown, FL Immokalee
Yulee, FL Jackson Florida Brevard Yulee, FL Indialantic
Zellwood, FL Jackson Florida Miami-Dade Zellwood, FL Indian Creek
Zephyrhills, FL Brevard Florida Brevard Zephyrhills, FL Indian Harbour Beach
Zolfo Springs, FL Clay Florida St. Lucie Zolfo Springs, FL Indian River Estates