Coral Springs FL Mortgage Loan Originator Jobs 1099/275bips

Remote Florida Mortgage Loan Originator Jobs


US Mortgage Lenders LLC was established as Florida LLC in 2012 based in Hollywood Florida, check us out on Google. We are hiring remote Florida mortgage loan originators with a proven track record of honesty and integrity. We are seeking remote 1099  mortgage loan originators to promote our unique mortgage loan programs and specialized services. We respect our loan originator’s independence and encourage them to work from home while giving them access to our systems and processes and daily Zoom support. We pay the highest commissions and provide all the specialty mortgage programs to help you close more sales!


Mortgage Loan Originator Job Highlights:

  • Highest Compensation structure in the industry 1099 Paid on Closing Day.
  • 100+ Wholesale Lenders FHA, VA, Conv, NON-QM, Niche Lenders providing specialty loan options.
  • Daily Zoom Training and Networking calls.
  • LOS – Loan Origination System Provided with no additional fees or choose your own.
  • Work From Home or Office remotely and Process, Submit close your loans, or hire a contact NMLS licensed NMLS processor.
  • Full control of your files, call underwriter account reps directly.
  • Pick Your Own LOS loan origination software.
  • Pull Your Own Credit Reports.
  • Par Rates from All the Top Wholesale Lenders.
  • Credit score approvals are down to 500.
  • Same-day underwriting approvals.
  • Discount Mortgage Insurance Premiums.
  • Healthcare and Lead Program Discounts.
  • Newly Licensed Loan Officer Training.       

Mortgage Loan Originator Requirements:

  • Must be licensed NMLS MLO.
  • Must be able to work from home without being micro-managed.
  • Must have Strong Phone Skills
  • Strong People Skills
  • Strong Sales Experience

Mortgage Loan Originator Job Advantages:

  • Borrowers can complete the on a cell phone or computer.
  • Real-time notifications every time a borrower submits an application
  • Integrate + into your website, email signature, and social media pages.
  • Quick-link version to capture leads by collecting just the basic information.

Mortgage Loan Originator Job Software:

  • Price out loans and generic disclosure packages quickly and easily.
  • Preset your fees to generate fee estimates automatically.
  • Run credit, e-sign documents, verify assets and download conditions.
  • 3 Options Include UWM BlinkPreapp1003, and Arrive.

Job Requirments

  • Must be a licensed (MLO) Mortgage Loan Originator with the NMLS.
  • Must be a self-starter with sales skills and communication skills.

Job Onboarding:

  • Sign the agreement, Transfer the license, get logins and start submitting.
  • Onboarding includes a description of lender programs and lender recommendations.
  • One on one Account rep support and training to learn new systems.
  • Weekly Company and Lender provided training webinars to learn new systems and processes.

Job Reviews:

US MORTGAGE LENDERS Careers and Employment Reviews – Indeed

Hiring in All of Florida Including:

Fort Lauderdale
Pembroke Pines
Coral Springs
Deerfield Beach
Coconut Creek
Oakland Park
North Lauderdale
Hallandale Beach
Lauderdale Lakes
Dania Beach
Cooper City
West Park
Wilton Manors
Lighthouse Point
Broward County FL
Delray Beach
Southwest Ranches
Pompano Beach 
Broadview Park
Coral Springs 
Lake Forest
Pine Island Ridge
Carver Ranches
Broward Estates
Rock Island
Kendall Green
Terra Mar
Miami Gardens
Palm Beach
Homestead FL

Coral Springs, Florida ZIP Codes Include ZIP Code Type County Population
ZIP Code 33065 Standard Broward 51,921
ZIP Code 33067 Standard Broward 26,458
ZIP Code 33071 Standard Broward 36,964
ZIP Code 33073 Standard Broward 29,168
ZIP Code 33075 P.O. Box Broward 0
ZIP Code 33076 Standard Broward 29,751
ZIP Code 33077 P.O. Box Broward 0

Who is required to have this NMLS Mortgage license?

This license is required for an entity conducting loan originator activities through one or more licensed
loan originators employed by the mortgage broker or as independent contractors to the mortgage broker.
Who does not need this license?
 A person acting in a fiduciary capacity conferred by the authority of a court.
 A person who, as a seller of his or her own real property, receives one or more mortgages in a
purchase money transaction.
 A person who acts solely under contract and as an agent for federal, state, or municipal agencies
for the purpose of servicing mortgage loans.
 A person who makes only nonresidential mortgage loans and sells loans only to institutional
 An individual making or acquiring a mortgage loan using his or her own funds for his or her own
investment, and who does not hold himself or herself out to the public as being in the mortgage
lending business.
 An individual selling a mortgage that was made or purchased with that individual’s funds for his or
her own investment, and who does not hold himself or herself out to the public as being in the
mortgage lending business.
Pre-requisites for license applications?
Refer to the Florida Mortgage Broker New Application Checklist document located on the NMLS
Resource Center website
Mortgage Broker new application checklist

New Application Checklist
Florida Mortgage Jurisdiction-Specific Requirements
1. Form MU1. Each business shall apply for a Mortgage Broker license by submitting a Form
MU1 through NMLS. Form MU2 must also be completed through NMLS for each control
person listed on Form MU1.
2. Filing Requirements. Upon receipt of the following, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation
will consider a Mortgage Broker application received and begin reviewing the application:
o Form MU1 filed through NMLS
o Statutorily required application fee ($425)
o FBI criminal history background check results (control persons)
o State criminal history background check results (control persons)
o Credit report (control persons)
NOTE: A control person that holds an active loan originator license in Florida is exempt from
the FBI & State criminal background check and the credit report requirement as part of the
mortgage broker application requirements.
The Florida Office of Financial Regulation will not begin its review of an application until
all the items listed above have been received. Once an application has been deemed
received, the NMLS status will change from “Pending-Incomplete” to “Pending-Review”.
Once the status has been changed to “Pending-Review” the application will be reviewed
and deficiencies will be added as license items in NMLS.
3. Principal Loan Originator. Complete the Qualifying Individual section of the MU1 form to
add the Principal Loan Originator. You must select Florida as an applicable jurisdiction. The
Principal Loan Originator must be licensed as a Florida loan originator. The Principal Loan
Originator must also demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Office of Financial Regulation that
he or she has been actively engaged in a mortgage broker related business for at least one
year before being designated as a Principal Loan Originator. Individual licensure with the
Office of Financial Regulation for one year will satisfy the experience requirement.
4. FBI & State Criminal Background Check. Each control person must submit fingerprints to
a live scan vendor approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and published
in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website for submission to the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement for a state criminal background check and to the Federal
Bureau of Investigation for an FBI criminal background check (ORI Number: FL921050Z).
The cost of fingerprint processing shall be borne by the applicant and paid directly to the
Live Scan vendor. Resubmission of the prints for the state criminal background check may
be required if incorrect information (social security number, date of birth, etc…) is provided
to the Live Scan vendor. Resubmission of prints will result in additional costs to the
individual being reprinted.
Updated: 9/12/2019 Page 2 of 3
5. Disclosure Questions. Provide the following documents related to all events or proceedings
for any “Yes” answer to any of the disclosure questions on Form MU1 and Form MU2 (control
(a) A copy of the police arrest affidavit, arrest report or similar document.
(b) A certified copy of the charges.
(c) A certified copy of the plea, judgment, and sentence where applicable.
(d) A certified copy of an order of entry into pre-trial intervention, and the order of termination
of pre-trial intervention showing dismissal of charges where applicable.
(e) A certified copy of an order of termination of probation or supervised release, if applicable.
If the requested documentation cannot be obtained, the relevant person shall submit evidence
of that fact in order for the application to be deemed complete. Evidence that documentation
cannot be obtained shall consist of a written statement on the letterhead of the agency that
would be the custodian of the documents, signed by a representative of that agency, stating
that they have no record of such matter, or that the record is lost or was damaged or
destroyed, or otherwise stating why the document cannot be produced.
6. Credit Report. Each control person must authorize the Registry to obtain an independent
credit report and make it available to the Office of Financial Regulation. The cost of the credit
report shall be borne by the applicant.
Upon notification by the Office of Financial Regulation each control person shall provide
documents related to “adverse credit history information” contained in the control person’s credit
report. The requested documents provided by each control person must be legible. Documents
that are typically requested by the Office include, but are not limited to:
(a) Copies of satisfaction of judgment.
(b) Copies of satisfaction of outstanding tax liens or other governmental liens.
(c) Copies of court documents that reflect the substance of the matter and how the matter
was resolved or adjudicated.
(d) Copies of account statements or letters from the creditors explaining the current status of
accounts. For security purposes, the relevant person may redact all but the last four (4) digits
of the account number prior to submitting the document to the Office.
(e) Copies of tax returns, pay stubs, or other documentation of income.
If the documents requested above cannot be obtained, the control person shall submit
evidence of that fact in order for the license application to be deemed complete. Evidence that
documents cannot be obtained shall consist of a written statement from the agency’s or
creditor’s records custodian that is written on the agency’s or creditor’s letterhead; indicates
that the agency or the creditor does not have any record of such matter or that the record was
lost, damaged, or destroyed, or cannot otherwise be produced and provide a statement as to
why the record cannot be produced; and is signed by the agency’s or creditor’s records
Updated: 9/12/2019 Page 3 of 3
7. Approximate total cost is $578.75 which includes:
 $425 Florida application fee
 $100 NMLS processing fee
 $38.75 FBI & State criminal background check fee plus live scan vendor costs for
each control person
 $15 NMLS Credit report fee for each control person
All fees collected through the NMLS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE